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Unless you are a U.S. resident by birth, you should get citizenship through a process known as naturalization.

Consistently, individuals from each side of the world apply for naturalization to enjoy the rights and advantages of U.S. citizenship. If you, as well, are looking for citizenship, having a skilled immigration attorney on your side can improve your odds of accomplishment.

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At Shankar & Associates, PC, we comprehend that people starting the way toward citizenship benefit from the compassionate help and informed direction of our citizenship immigration lawyer. We serve clients throughout the country in their endeavors to become citizens.

The Naturalization Process

Naturalization unfolds citizenship rights for a lot of American immigrants. While strict rules apply, the rewards of U.S. citizenship are worth the wait. When naturalized, foreign-born Americans can partake in legislative issues, work without limitations, and appreciate the different privileges of natural-born citizens. No ifs, and or buts, naturalization is potential for endless immigrants across America. However, how, precisely, can an individual accomplish it?

Initially, on the off chance that you are thinking about applying for naturalization, talk with a certified immigration lawyer. The interaction can surely be overwhelming – legal representation will offer both expert guidance and direction all through the cycle. Further, your attorney can assist you with possibly distressing pieces of the process, similar to the naturalization interview and citizenship test. Shankar & Associates, PC help foreigners all through the US, and the world – reach us today! Indeed, we offer free initial consultations to assist you with considering your alternatives with certainty.

Understanding Naturalization

Through naturalization, foreign-born residents of the United States can turn out to be full-fledged citizens. Naturalized citizens have generally similar rights as U.S. citizens, with one special case – they can’t become president. Considering that not many individuals have at any point stood firm on the present situation, this isn’t also unsettling of a difference!

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) further clarifies that immigrants can become naturalized citizens by meeting every one of the requirements set out in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). Various individuals may have to meet varying requirements relying on their conditions. For instance, those foreign-born people married to a U.S. resident just should be a permanent resident for 3 years before seeking naturalization.