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Our experience at Shankar Law and Associates is focused on helping clients with any immigration concerns that affect their families and their

H1B Visa Central Islip   Who is this for? Those who are preparing their applications but want assistance from a knowledgeable immigration

H1b visa Riverhead

H1b visa  Riverhead Applications for all kinds of visas are notoriously backlogged at USCIS. Particularly for the H-1B visa, demand has significantly

H1B Visa Lawyer Serving Throughout New York   Employers in the US can hire foreign nationals with specific talents thanks to the

Why choose Shankar Law Office? The state of being a citizen is referred to as citizenship. While most Americans are born into

PROVIDING EMPOWERING LEGAL SOLUTIONS We assist individuals, families, and businesses in achieving their immigration objectives through non-immigrant visas, green cards, naturalization, and

IMMIGRATION LAW in Riverhead The mission of the Shankar Law Office is to support families as they work their way through the

Citizenship Lawyers It might take a long time and be difficult to become a citizen of the United States. It can be

Green Card Lawyers There are a few phases between submitting the initial application and becoming a citizen in the United States, and

Advantages of Green Card Holders Each year, tens of thousands of individuals travel to, live in, and work in the United States.

What the “green card” is all about.   A foreigner who doesn’t already have a U.S. citizen will be given permanent resident

Lawyer for Riverhead National Interest Waiver   Our New York-based firm, Shankar Issues Offices, focuses solely on immigration law. This covers asylum

Qualifications in National Interest Waiver   Our Team   The Shankar Law Firm, which is made up of immigrants and people who

Qualifications for A National Interest Waiver Green Card   You may be eligible for a national interest waiver, which allows you to

NIW Central Islip

Performing work in the United States   Many foreign nationals desire to work in the United States. The classes of immigrant and

Easiest Method to get a Green Card   If you fall under one of the following criteria, you may be able to

The term “scope of employment” is a common law notion that frequently appears in civil litigation, particularly in situations involving workers’ compensation

Cancellation of removal is an immigration benefit whereby permanent residents and nonpermanent residents may apply to an immigration judge to adjust their

CANCELLATION OF REMOVAL ATTORNEY IN HEMPSTEAD Defense of Removal Only people who are facing deportation have the option of canceling their removal.

Shankar Immigration Law Group Shankar Immigration Law Group was founded 20 years ago to provide superior legal services to the immigrant community.

Expertise in Employment Law Our firm has represented Hempstead businesses in labor disputes, employment lawsuits, and employment-related government agency investigations for more