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National Interest Waiver

Our Firm represents those striving to get a National Interest Waiver (NIW) for admission into the U.S. as a permanent resident. One of the advantages of the National Interest Waiver is that it doesn’t need a proposal of employment in the U.S. Moreover, it permits the petitioner to bypass the labor certification process.

The areas that follow give a fairly precise clarification of the process and its prerequisites. Getting a National Interest Waiver isn’t simple. We have 36 years of involvement in representing non-citizens in immigration proceedings. As usual, our experience and ability are accessible to you and we are available to help if you have questions and need representation.

General requirements dependent on cases:

  • 1. The alien’s admission will improve the U.S. economy
  • 2. The alien’s admission will improve wages and working situations of U.S. workers
  • 3. The alien’s admission will promote educational and training programs for the U.S. Children and under-qualified workers
  • 4. The alien’s admission will give affordable housing for young, aged, or poor U.S. residents
  • 5. The alien’s admission will improve the U.S. environment and lead to a more productive method of the national reserves; or
  • 6. The alien’s admission is requested by an interested U.S. government agency


Immigration expects that for a situation where an applicant guarantees his work is in the national interest, important documentation from notable US specialists, established establishments, and proper US government agencies would be promptly accessible.

Large numbers of the cases in which national interest waivers were affirmed were upheld by affidavits from notable, established, and powerful people or associations. For instance, if presenting a national interest application for a researcher, it is valuable to acquire affidavits from leading researchers, delegates of scientific foundations, and from different associations related to the sort of research to be sought after.



Documentation specifying past accomplishments that will in general show future advantages ought to likewise be submitted.

Documentation that the alien has effectively made jobs, pivoted a business, or made an expansion in trades or other economic enhancements ought to be instrumental in acquiring approval.

Furthermore, the argument should be made and validated that the alien’s work will be of worth to the US. There ought to be a focus on the worth of the alien’s work to the US, or even to regional or local interest, for example, an alien offering clinical or legal services to an area in need of those services. Certain documentation could be utilized to help this argument, including studies showing a need for the sort of services the alien will deliver; newspaper and additionally magazine articles depicting a need in the business or area for the alien’s kind of services; or factual reviews, ideally created by an objective group, showing a requirement for the sort of services the alien would give.