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Green Card Lawyers

There are a few phases between submitting the initial application and becoming a citizen in the United States, and the immigration procedure may be highly drawn-out and complicated. Getting a green card is one of these steps’ most critical, if not most crucial.

A green card is frequently the first step toward being able to live legally in the United States, but getting one on your own can be challenging. Fortunately, a knowledgeable lawyer can offer assistance. The attorneys at the Shankar Law Office are committed to fighting hard on behalf of our clients to guarantee that if you or a loved one is trying to apply for a green card in Hempstead, you are successful. We are aware of the difficulties that you may be encountering.

The Shankar Law Office’s green card lawyers are aware that, like many other immigrants who have made the United States their home, your ambition may be to reside here and earn a living. However, immigration law may be very complex, and many applicants are turned away due to simple, preventable clerical mistakes. Our law firm is completely committed to serving our clients, and we will give you the assistance and representation you need to get your immigration and green card concerns.

At the Law Office of Shankar, we have a group of skilled attorneys who have devoted their professional lives to assisting immigrants and their families to realize their aspirations of becoming citizens of our nation. Contact the lawyers at Shankar Law Office if you need a firm that is knowledgeable, kind, and experienced.


Do I Need A Green Card Attorney?

For someone who wants to live and work in the US, immigration law can be rather confusing and complex. Your best chance of achieving the status you want is to seek the help of an experienced green card attorney. An immigration lawyer is a priceless asset regardless of your motivation for moving to the US—whether it’s for work, school, family, or personal reasons. There could be a lot of difficult and burdensome problems, like complicated court cases and prolonged application processes. Several other factors could prevent you from entering the US. You can avoid difficulty with admissibility by requesting waivers with the aid of an immigration attorney. attempting to obtain approval without enough representation may not be the best decision if your goal is to live and work in the United States.


Why Choose Shankar Law Offices?

We are aware that you may be wondering: How do I know which green card attorney is the greatest option for me? You must make an informed choice because selecting the best attorney could impact how your case turns out. Since other immigration attorneys in the area may handle your case, we at Shankar Law Office think that what distinguishes us from the competition is the volume of cases we have successfully handled. We are aware of the popularity of Hempstead as a destination for immigrants, and we want to assist you in realizing your goal of settling here and building a better life for your family or yourself.


With decades of combined experience assisting individuals just like you, our attorneys have a wealth of knowledge regarding all aspects of immigration law. Since then, we’ve developed a reputation for tenaciously upholding the demands and rights of our clients. We stand out from other law firms in Hempstead thanks to our commitment to care, accuracy, and the success of our clients. We have a reputation for going above and above, and we are very knowledgeable in many facets of immigration law. Because our attorneys are aware of how important your case is to you and because we want to help you in any way we can to accomplish your dream, this level of attention is considered typical in our practice. To make the process easier for you, we have live chat options and easy ways to contact us through our website. If you wish to contact the Hempstead green card attorneys at the Shankar Law Office directly, you can reach us at 800-461-1467.


With Your Green Card Application, We Can Assist You

You will be allowed to live permanently in America and take advantage of amazing prospects in both your personal and professional life if you get a green card. However, you must first complete the application process correctly, which will necessitate the help of the knowledgeable attorneys at the Shankar Law Office PLLC.


Formally speaking, a green card is referred to as an immigration visa. You can reside and work in the US with this visa. Once you acquire this visa, there are no clear restrictions on the type of employment you can do or how long you can stay. Even if an immigration visa occasionally needs to be renewed, you are still allowed to live in the US as long as you abide by local laws and do not break any visa rules.

Green cards are sought after all over the world because they offer the chance to begin a brand-new life in one of the richest nations on the planet. As a result, the procedure for obtaining a green card is exceedingly rigid and tightly controlled. When requesting your immigration visa, there is absolutely no space for error of any kind.


You must pursue your green card with the assistance of skilled visa experts at the Shankar Law Office, PLLC. We can assist you with completing your paperwork, meeting deadlines, organizing any relevant documentation, and being ready for the essential interviews. We can also assist in identifying the cause of any delays or unexpected obstacles in your visa process.


The Difference Between Immigration And Non-Immigration Visas

The two main categories of visas are immigration and non-immigration. Immigration visas, as the name implies, allow the holder to permanently immigrate to the United States. These visas may allow for an indefinite stay in the country and eventually grant the right to citizenship and permanent residency. Contrarily, non-immigration visas permit visitors from other countries to enter the country temporarily and for a specific reason. Some of these visas are renewable, but they are often only valid for a short period. Another distinction is that holder of immigration visas have access to government services and protections as well as unrestricted employment opportunities. An additional difference is that immigration visas provide the possessor with access to government benefits and protections, as well as the ability to work freely. Non-immigration visas put restrictions on these elements. It is significantly harder to qualify for an immigration visa than a non-immigration visa, so be sure to contact the Shankar Law Office to find out which visa you are best suited for.