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General practice representation

Our law firm handles most General Practice issues. This includes, but is not limited to, contract issues, debt-collection issues, real estate closings, landlord/tenant issues, traffic tickets, and elder law.


Trusts, wills, and estate planning

A Will is a legal instrument wherein a person makes decisions on how their property should be distributed after they have passed away. Death is an uncomfortable topic for most people. For that reason a recent survey said more than half of Americans do not have a Will.


Estate planning

When a person dies without a Will, their hard earned money can end up in undesirable places. In addition, there are lots of other reasons for a person to have a Will. A person may desire to be cremated rather than buried.


General practice areas:

• Estate planning

• Will drafting

• Debt-collection Issues

• Elder law

• Landlord / tenant issues

• Traffic tickets

We are a full service firm

We are a full service firm that is dedicated to providing aggressive and reliable legal representation for our clients. If you need legal help in any area, contact our experienced attorneys today.

Our firm has experience in
immigration and general
practice matters.

We bring the utmost professionalism, integrity, and results for our clients.