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Employment cases Central Islip

The term “scope of employment” is a common law notion that frequently appears in civil litigation, particularly in situations involving workers’ compensation and personal injury. The range of activities and conducts that an employee is reasonably expected to execute as part of his or her work is known as the scope of employment.


Choosing the Right Immigration Lawyer for Your Case



The immigration landscape is continuously changing in today’s world, so it’s critical to find a dynamic, knowledgeable immigration attorney who understands and can adapt to those changes. When you engage an immigration lawyer, you want to know that he or she is ready to fight for you and that they have the experience and expertise to do it effectively.



Compassion is essential in any attorney-client relationship, but it is especially important in immigration matters. These issues can take months or years to settle, so having someone willing to listen to you and answer any concerns you may have along the road is always beneficial.



Finally, you should look for an immigration lawyer that will treat you as an individual rather than just another case. Whether you’re applying for a green card or facing deportation, you’re a real person with a real immigration problem, and it’s critical to locate an attorney who understands that. Lawyers with a large caseload may get overburdened and have little time to devote to each client, so you should look for a lawyer who has time for your case and has the resources and backing of a professional law office.



Thousands of immigrant families have been separated from loved ones for years as a result of immigration restrictions, although family unity has always been one of the fundamental aims of immigration policy in the United States. It is still the most common route for people to apply for immigration benefits, even though it often involves the most bureaucratic hurdles. An immigration lawyer from the Shankar family can assist you in understanding the process and explaining your alternatives.

“Immediate relatives” and relatives who come under the “family preference system” are the two types of family-based immigrants. The primary distinction between these two is that immediate relatives do not have to wait in line to be considered for visas. Consult an immigration attorney immediately to learn more about the differences between these two parties and the processes involved.



Non-temporary and temporary visas are two types of employment-based immigration. You may be qualified for several employment immigration alternatives depending on the type of job opportunity and your credentials. To learn more about the application process, sponsors, and more, contact a Shankar Law employment visa lawyer in Central Islip today.

Our firm’s skilled Shankar Law employment visa attorneys are familiar with the complexity of the visa application procedure and can assist you throughout. To schedule your initial appointment and discover more about how our Attorneys can assist you, call now.