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Citizenship Lawyers

It might take a long time and be difficult to become a citizen of the United States. It can be difficult to complete the process on your own because there are a lot of steps between the initial application and the award of full citizenship. For the assistance they require, a lot of people and families turn to knowledgeable immigration lawyers.

Several difficulties could make it difficult for someone to become a citizen of the United States, but a skilled attorney can help to remove these barriers and speed up the procedure. The attorneys at the Shankar Office, PLLC, in Huntington Station are aware of how important the success of your application is if you are seeking citizenship or considering doing so.


Our Citizenship Practice Areas

At the Shankar Law Office PLLC, we offer a wide range of services for individuals and families seeking to receive citizenship in the U.S., including assistance with:

  • Naturalization
  • Certificate of Citizenship
  • Replacement of Naturalization Certificate and Certificate of Citizenship


Sadly, even a minor error at any point during the application process could cause significant delays or even a complete rejection of your application. Fortunately, by working with an expert attorney, you may stay clear of these typical blunders and give yourself the best chance of having your citizenship application accepted.


What Makes Shankar Law Office Your First Choice For Your Immigration Case?

If you’re thinking about applying for citizenship in the US, you may find the process to be confusing and too convoluted without an expert immigration lawyer on your side.


At the Shankar Law Office PLLC, we have assisted countless individuals just like you and your families in achieving their ultimate objective of becoming citizens of our country. Contact a member of our team who specializes in immigration law right once if you want to start a citizenship application or if you have already begun one and have questions. To help our customers make educated decisions during the naturalization process, we offer skilled representation. We can help you through every step of the naturalization process while guiding you away from blunders that frequently cause delays. Our lawyers are aware that you might have numerous inquiries about becoming a citizen, and the citizenship process; As a result, we are here to support you along the road. The Shankar Law Office PLLC stands out from other immigration law firms because we are committed to each client’s success and go above and beyond to make the process as simple as we can for you.


Our lawyers have decades of combined legal experience assisting immigrants who are applying for citizenship. We are committed to offering legal assistance to immigrants and aliens who want to settle permanently in the United States.


How Long Will My Application For Citizenship Take To Complete?

While a quick Google search might provide a standard response of six months, this is frequently wildly wrong. The whole citizenship process has gotten lengthier and more involved as more and more people immigrate to the US. The duration of the process might range from six months to a year or longer based on several different variables. Your path to citizenship may take a little longer depending on your background, where you live, how many other candidates apply at the same time of year, or even all the applicants who applied before you. All of them, though, are unavoidable factors. A huge element that can be prevented and can seriously affect the time of your application is mistakes in your application. Therefore, it is essential to have an experience citizenship attorney by your side to ensure that your application is mistake-free before you submit it.


How Much Does Applying For Citizenship Cost?

Even though applying for citizenship is expensive, with an attorney’s aid, you can avoid making costly errors that could result in your application being rejected, in which case you would have to reapply and pay the application fees. The entire cost of the initial naturalization application is $725. This includes the $85 background check and biometric charge in addition to the $640 application fee for citizenship.


Can I Travel Outside Of The United States While In The Citizenship Process?

You must have lived in the country for five years, or three years if your spouse is a citizen, to be eligible for citizenship. As a result, you must fully detail every time you leave the nation in your citizenship application. While you are applying for citizenship, you are free to go abroad. However, if your vacation lasts more than 180 straight days, your application can be turned down because you haven’t been a permanent resident of the US.


What If I Miss A Biometrics Or Interview Appointment?

Missing a scheduled session for your citizenship application could have serious repercussions, cause your application to be delayed, or even result in your application being denied. Our attorneys are committed to making sure that our clients have a date that works for them and ensures that they can attend each meeting because we are aware of the seriousness that a missed appointment may create. Planning and setting reminders will make sure that you don’t skip an appointment and have your application rejected. We make sure you stay in touch with USCIS so that no appointments are missed.


What Are Reasons My Application Could Be Denied?

There are a wide variety of reasons your application could be denied, but an immigration lawyer can take care to ensure that your application is flawless. If you have incorrectly filled out a portion of the form, the USCIS could decide that your application is fraudulent. A simple mistake in spelling or wording could seriously affect the status of your application. A missed biometrics appointment or interview, criminal background history, and traveling outside of the United States for too long can also be reasons to have your application denied.


Contact A Citizenship Attorney In Huntington Station

Our committed legal team is ready to take your case if you require assistance with any legal matters about your citizenship status. Call the Shankar Law Office PLLC at 800-461-1467 right away to speak with a member of our team about your legal rights and choices and how we can assist you.