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People seeking asylum are protected from persecution or torture in their home countries if they seek asylum. Asylum can be defined as a threat to one’s freedom or life or the infliction of violence or suffering on someone who is thought to be different in some manner. Since there are so many asylum requests, cases involving those requests are frequently investigated more carefully. An applicant’s ability to demonstrate that they are a “refugee” under the Immigration and Nationality Act can be aided by a well-prepared case.


Immigrating to the United States and applying for asylum

One of the following five reasons must be cited by an asylum claimant to support their claim:

  • Race
  • Ethnicity or national origin
  • Beliefs in a higher power
  • Points of opinion in politics
  • Being a member of a particular social group

A person does not need to have been persecuted in the past to be eligible for refuge. Asylum may be granted to anyone who fears persecution in the future. Because of the applicant’s well-founded fear of persecution, he or she does not have to prove that he or she would be singled out in the case of similar circumstances. Don’t hesitate to enlist the help of immigration attorney Shankar, who is himself an immigrant.


There is a one-year time limit for aggravated felons.

After landing in the United States, asylum seekers are required to file for it within a year. The only exceptions are if the country’s changed circumstances fundamentally impair asylum eligibility or if there are special circumstances relating to the late application. To get asylum in the United States, you must have a clean criminal record.


Riverhead, New York, Immigration Attorney

An international-minded attorney, Shankar worked for the US State Department in the past. The difficulties you may face if you are being persecuted in your native country are well-known to him, as are the complexities of refugee legislation. Aside from working with Shankar, you may anticipate finding a plethora of supporting documents like police records, medical and hospital paperwork as well as witness statements as well as country condition reports. We’re here to support you in your legal battle. Call the Shankar Law Office immediately to schedule an appointment.