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Every day, people all across the world make one of their most difficult decisions: leaving their homes in search of a safer, better life. The majority of people have experienced the experience of leaving their childhood home. Perhaps they will merely travel to the next village or city. However, some people will be forced to leave their nation — sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently.


People from all over the world aspire to rebuild their lives in a new country for a variety of reasons. Some people leave home to seek employment or further their education. Others are forced to flee persecution or violations of human rights, such as torture. Thousands of people flee armed wars and other forms of violence. Some people no longer feel safe, and they may have been targeted simply because of who they are, what they do, or think, such as their ethnicity, religion, sexuality, or political beliefs.


These voyages, which always begin with the desire for a better future, can be dangerous and frightening. Human trafficking and other forms of exploitation may befall some people. Authorities hold some people as soon as they arrive in a new nation. Many encounter daily racism, xenophobia, and prejudice once they’ve settled in and started constructing a new life.


Because they have lost the support networks that most of us take for granted — our communities, colleagues, families, and friends – some people feel alone and alienated.



There are numerous reasons why staying in one’s own country may be too difficult or dangerous. Children, women, and men, for example, flee violence, conflict, famine, and extreme poverty as a result of their sexual or gender orientation, or as a result of climate change or other natural disasters. People frequently experience a combination of these challenging circumstances.

People who leave their country do so for a variety of reasons. They may assume that because they have the education or resources to look for work in another country, they will have a greater chance. Others may wish to join relatives or friends who have already relocated to another country. They may also seek to begin or complete their studies in another country. People embark on a journey to start a new life in a new country for a variety of reasons.



A migrant has no internationally recognized legal definition. Amnesty International, like most agencies and organizations, considers migrants to be people living outside their place of origin who are not asylum seekers or refugees.


Some migrants leave their home nation to work, study, or reunite with relatives. Others feel compelled to flee because of poverty, political upheaval, gang violence, natural disasters, or other dire conditions. A lot of people may not meet the legal criteria of a refugee yet would face danger if they returned home.


It is critical to recognize that even if migrants are not fleeing persecution, they are nevertheless entitled to have all of their human rights safeguarded and respected, regardless of their status in the country to which they have relocated. All migrants must be protected against racist and xenophobic violence, exploitation, and forced labor by governments. Migrants should never be imprisoned or coerced to return to their home countries unless there is a valid justification for doing so.



We wish to live in a society where people who are at extreme risk can reconstruct their lives in a secure environment.

  • In a worldwide society, it is only fair to share global responsibility for global challenges.
  • The immense enthusiasm and desire to start new lives that these people bring benefits host communities.
  • In our fast-changing world, welcoming immigrants from other nations benefit host communities by making them more varied and flexible.

Refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants have been some of the most inspiring and influential persons in the arts, science, politics, and technology. They were allowed to start over in a new country and grow as members of a new community.



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